I went to a frozen yogurt establishment today and was so sad to see no recycling available for the cardboard cups and (assuming recyclable) plastic spoons. A recycling bin + a sink to wash out the cups would be amazing (I brought mine home to recycle).

When I shop, I use reusable fabric grocery bags and carry along with me used produce plastic bags to use until worn, and then recycle.

I’ve always been a huge fan of second hand and DIY projects with wood, pallets, nails etc. I’ll shop at thrift stores instead of buying new, even for gifts! Or just make something and gift it.

I’ve also gotten into minimalism and am in the process of reducing items in my house (giving away what I don’t want, selling clothes to second hand and consignment stores, etc). I looove putting bins of stuff in my front yard with a big FREE sign, fun for everyone I think! (Besides the free section of craigslist and ksl.com, there’s also a great organization found at freecycle.org).

And picking up trash! Always been a hobby of mine. I think it helps people to see as well. We can all give each other good ideas 🙂