The landfill was a reminder for me of how important it is that we demand policies and corporations that design Cradle-to-Cradle. We need to be rethinking our resource cycles and most importantly how to change what we use for packaging. The fact that 65% of the landfill is made up of recyclables was the most alarming statistic I heard from Ashlee. It’s embarrassing!

At home I do my best to recycle all that I can. We don’t have recycling available in my apartment complex and when I asked my landlord why, she said she had tried, but it was just too complicated!!!! What! I now have to cart my recyclables to other places when I get a chance (because I don’t have a car this makes things particularly challenging). I also collect my compost and bring it to work where we have a composting system, which is nice. At work I collect misprinted 1-sided pieces of paper and use the backsides to set my daily agendas and take meeting notes.

I really want to get more knowledgeable about what can and can’t be recycled.