I am using vacation hours to leave early for these classes – so my supervisor is aware of what I am doing. In the past, some of my co-workers would tease me about being the “garbage” lady because I frequently removed plastic bottle, cans and paper from office waste cans and put them into the recycling can (pretty much right next to it). I’m sure some believe that I am wasting my time. However, I felt some degree of success today because a supervisor knocked on my door to ask me a “recycling question”. It was about packaging material he had at home. He said that he didn’t want to throw it away, but wasn’t sure if it was recyclable. I explained that we often take all of our boxes, packaging peanuts, air pillows, and other wrappings for mailing to a package mailing business. They love receiving these items, and do reuse them. So the supervisor is going to bring his packaging material to me, and my husband will take them to the business.

Also, we take our plant pots to the nursery for reuse. (If we plant seeds ourselves, we will use toilet paper rolls (cut in thirds) to hold the soil and begin the seeds before transplanting. However if we buy any starter plants in plastic pots – we give them to the nursery for reuse.