No day like Thursday to jump on here eh 😉 Along with the others, I also see it good to separate materials ourselves as much as we can before dumping into our blue bins. I found it interesting to see workers having to rip open garbage bags to disperse the materials onto the moving belt (I mean DUH! Of course they would need to, just did not think of it before). I already have been dumping my bags into my home blue bin, though from the perspective of reusing the garbage bag for inside use (over and over and over). It was also a relief to hear in class that items do not need to be washed out completely. If more people knew this directly, I think that would increase recycling because it goes along with convenience. (Hey, now there REALLY needs to be a recycling bin at that frozen yogurt joint I visited last week!) Overall, loved the recycling plant we visited. Say, can I do my 10 hours of community service there?!!! ;D Thanks for all you guys are doing.