I still get blown away by how large the numbers are. I cant remember a specific number, but the amount of garbage, recycling, road side, compost, etc.. was crazy to me and that’s just Salt Lake City! Our small little city. The conversation and dialogue in this session were great. Frank and Mitch were cool guys. Jack, you’re cool too. Its always cool talking to different people with similar perspectives about recycling and waste reduction.

I essentially started my little business idea off of the potential mandate to recycling for apartments and business’. I absolutely feel that there should be a mandate. It would really help my business ;). It is important for many reasons. Go to the forum and let the council know what you think(http://www.slcgov.com/opencityhall#peak_democracy)

I read this interesting article today about why recycling isn’t as effective and important as we may think. Sometimes we forget the total process of recycling and the overall carbon footprint to do so.. Its a little off topic, but I thought it might interesting to hear an alternate opinion.