It was overwhelming to see how much stuff is thrown away. It’s crazy that 60% of what is taken to the landfill can be recycled! I’m continuing to compost all our food waste (at least non-animal stuff). We have 5 keyhole garden beds so in the main garden bed I layer cardboard/paper/etc. and grass clippings. The gardens also have compost baskets where I layer our food waste, dryer lint, shredded paper, and coffee grounds from my office. I’m going to put a counter top compost bin at work to see if people will put their food waste in there to help. I now have a bucket to put our glass and I’ll take it to a Momentum Recycling bin in SLC when it fills up. I live in North Salt Lake so we don’t have the option to recycle glass yet. I am going to call Waste Management who does our recycling to clarify what items can be recycled. The information online isn’t clear. I also am determined to reduce my spending.

I’m also going to start a blog to document my experience in this class, and my journey overall on trying to get to zero waste.

Baby steps!

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