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    My name is John Boulanger and I am the intern working on the Master Recycler Program in Salt Lake. I have been with the Division of Sustainability since May and before that I was an intern at the Division of Sustainability. I graduated in May from the University of Utah with my BS in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. I am passionate about the environment and one the best ways that we can see widespread positive impacts in our community is through changing our consumption habits as well as changing the way we see our waste. I feel that through the Master Recycler program we can begin to see change within the community and increase our efforts in Salt Lake to become waste free by 2040.

    About me: I have grown up in Salt Lake my whole life and I went to High School at Brighton down in Cottonwood Heights. I love to hike and camp and my goal right now is to complete a thru hike on the Appalachian Trail (which is over 2000 miles in total). Other than that I am a big hockey fan and my favorite team is the Boston Bruins.

    So class tell me a little about yourselves.




    My name is Jensen Morgan and I am the Sustainability Coordinator at Rowland Hall-St. Mark’s School (A private preK-12 school up near the University of Utah). I graduated from Green Mountain College in Vermont in 2013 with a BA in Sustainable Community Design. I’m passionate about whole systems sustainability and the inseparable relationship between the health of our environment and the health of humans. I also grew up in Salt Lake City and attended Highland High School on the edge of Sugarhouse Park.

    I’m exceptionally excited for the Master Recycler course because I’m always hungry for new information and have been curious for a while now about the specific processes that make up Salt Lake City’s recycling program. At my school, Rowland Hall, I would like to increase the diversion rate of recyclables and design our system to better integrate with Salt Lake City’s system. I look forward to meeting and chatting with you all!

    All the best,



    What’s up Y’all! My name is Sean and I am from Provo and currently live downtown. I love Salt Lake! I developed an interested in sustainability from my lovely wife who gave me some inspiration to make a difference. I have recently started a recycling business and looking to gain a lot from this experience. I started my business idea because of what I feel is a lack of offering and availability for the commercial sector in Utah and Salt Lake specifically. I Think it is safe to say that we all care a little bit about the environment and I am excited to work and learn with like minded individuals!

    I love sports. The Jazz WILL make the playoffs this year and BYU will win either all their games or go 8-4. I love the outdoors. Camping, fishing, hiking, etc..

    See ya soon!


    Hi Everyone! I’ve enjoyed reading all your introductions. I can’t wait to meet you and learn more about what y’all do. My name is Rebecca and I currently live in North Salt Lake. I’m a Utah native but I’ve lived all over the US. I am the Network Operations Manager for the Cloud division of Seagate. Years ago I was planning on going to school for sustainability, but ended up in technology. I’ve always had an interest in learning how to eliminate waste, etc., but it wasn’t until this May that I decided to make some changes. I went to the Wellness Festival in Sun Valley, Idaho and heard Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home speak. The trash for her family of 4 in 2014 fits in a quart jar! I decided that it was time to learn more, so I read her book and started making small changes at home. When I found out about this Master Recycler class I was so excited. I’m really looking forward to learning more, learning from all of you, and I’m eager to make changes in my home and hopefully in my community.


    Hi there,
    It wasn’t until I lived in Europe that I was shone the light and sustainability became important to me. Though born and raised near Dallas, TX, I love Salt Lake City and I am thrilled to become more educated about our waste infrastructures and thus be more able to implement change—especially in the commercial area. I currently work in marketing for the retail reseller Kid to Kid.

    I love the SLFS, art and design, nature (duh), and being involved in the community!

    Can’t wait to meet you.


    Hi – I saw something sad this morning, a regular garbage truck at the stop light, when I glanced into the back there were dozens and dozens of aluminum cans and plastic bottles among the trash – I want to continue to help educate folks about the benefits of recycling so that a sight like that is a rarity.
    I work for Questar Corporation in the EHS (environmental health and safety) area as an environmental compliance coordinator. A portion of my responsibilities include recycling waste streams that the company generates, identifying all of the waste that can be recycled and educating employees about conservation, recycling and waste management. I also enjoy volunteering at the farmers markets helping to educate the public about recycling, I also volunteer frequently on the Jordan River Parkway, cleaning up trash and pulling weeds.
    I’m 2014-2015 chairperson of the environmental program at Western Energy Institute (WEI), a group of industry related people that share ideas, benchmarks and practices helping the natural gas and electric industries move to green. I also chair an employee team of ~25 that act as a think tank, whose mission it is to find ways for Questar to be greener.
    I’m looking forward to learning all the accurate information about recycling that I can and in turn sharing that information with others!

    I’m looking forward to seeing you soon! Steve


    Hello all,
    My name is Angela Carlson I’m a native of Utah and longtime resident of the 9th & 9th neighborhood. I’m also a Realtor, Board Member of Wasatch Community Gardens and an urban chicken farmer. I’ve been a recycling advocate for over 30 years and am excited to better educate myself and my community regarding recycling. See you you next week fellow adventurers.


    Hello all! Wow it is great to read all of your introductions! As for why I am here, I am just plain interested in recycling. It is definitely a burgeoning passion! I’ve been recycling at home and am an advocate whenever in group settings (camping, etc). I have been dreaming of a class like this and am excited for all it entails. In my fun time (all the time!) I enjoy music festivals, traveling, road trips, picking up trash, conscious eating, nutrition and massage therapy (I am a massage therapist full time and have my practice in North Salt Lake). I am excited to meet you all and for this venture ahead!


    PS. John, the Appalachion trail is also calling my name! Check out the book/ audio of A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson! (also made into a movie coming out tomorrow :D)

    See you all in a couple days!


    Hello, my name is Lisa. My 6th grade teacher got me interested in recycling in 1970, during the first Earth Day. Our class cleaned up a nearby stream and park. We recycled newspapers and glass bottles (really wasn’t plastics back then) and with the money we earned, she taught us to invest in the stock market. I love my teacher! Anyway, ever since 6th grade, I have been recycling and cleaning up public places. My biggest issues are plastic bags and single use plastic bottles! I work for Salt Lake County, and I try my best to educate and encourage my co-workers to do what they can to recycle. I am excited to be a part of this class and to learn more and to meet others who are passionate about recycling.

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