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    Earlier in May I posted information about this topic. It is available if you click on the title “2018 Masgter Recycler Open Form and scroll down below Media Center and Resources. This post is a follow up to my early May post.
    Yesterday, Mary Gordon and I (I”m Joan Gordon and mom to Mary) met with Scott Simar at the Pro Recycling Group. What an amazing operation they have there for commercial recycling of many types of materials. This is where Mary and I take the Jade Market thin plastic materials every other week. Here’s what PRG does with the thin plastic such as plastic bags: they bail it (huge amounts of it) and SELL it to the Devil’s Slide Cement Plant in Croydon, Utah which is part of the Ogden metropolitan area. The Devil’s Slide plant is recognized as being housed in an ENERGY STAR building with energy efficient protocols. They do BURN the thin plastic and it provides part of the energy (fuel) for their plant.

    SO … if you are an individual or a very small company, you are invited to bring your thin, mixed plastic to one of the Jade Markets and we will deliver it for you to PRG for recycling as described above. If you have the plastic FILM that is stretchable, YOU can bag it separately and take it to PRG. Call me if you can’t find my other post with directions to their recycle floor. Joan 801/930-5423

    If you work for a large commercial outfit, you may want to call Scott and make an appointment for him to visit your facility. They do bale pickups, waste to energy programs, waste audits for your plant or company, and more. The PRG group seems to be up-to-date, efficient, clean, and well-run. They have saved millions of trees (they figure) and are very creative in breaking down wood, heavy plastic, and other materials so they can be converted by others into various new forms. AND PRG sells 70% of their material in the US.

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