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    This message is from Joan Gordon, member of the April, 2018 Master Recycle Class.
    Here is some of the information I promised on how we are recycling plastic film at Jade Markets. My daughter, Mary Gordon, established a deposit receptacle at both Jade Markets and posted on FB that people are welcome to bring their plastic film to either store and put in the receptacle. Individuals and businesses are coming regularly to do so, some with very large collections of film. If you wish to bring your film the two Jade Markets are:
    Jade Rio Grande 353 W 200 South
    Jade Central 9th at 161 W 900 South.

    Every other week, Mary and I put all of the collected materials in my car and drive it to the following company:

    Pro Recycling Group (located on the Interwest Paper property – which is also part of Pro Recycling)
    575 West 3615 South
    (801) 266-3610 (their website has a wonderful short video)

    Once you find the Interwest Paper property (on a business street directly adjacent to and west of I-215) you simply drive into the property and ask someone which building is processing plastic film. They will tell you to drive up the ramp at the SE corner of the property and into the bailing facility. Don’t be scared. The ramp is steep and once your car is inside the processing center, it is a small space. But you can get out of your car, drop your collected film (suitably packaged in large plastic bags) on the floor of the facility. The workers are busy driving a fork lift and collecting bails, depositing things elsewhere, etc. No one pays any attention. Then turn your car around and drive back down the ramp you came up on. Best to “toot your horn” to make sure anyone coming up knows you are coming down.

    This coming Monday, April 30, Mary and I have an appointment to meet with Scott Simar at Pro Recycling to ask detailed questions about how they process the film and what happens to it after processing. Someone told us that they might incinerate the film, but I do not know that is what actually happens. If they do incinerate, there is no evidence of that happening at the bailing facility. We tried to meet with Scott before this Friday, April 27, but he has been traveling all this week. I will post additional information here after April 30. I did read on their web page that they practice clean-stream recycling and do not co-mingle materials.

    More later ….
    Joan Gordon

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