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    Imagine you have conducted a waste audit at a school, work place or organization you are regularly involved with. Now is time to turn ideas into well-informed action.

    Using this week’s waste audit results:

    1. Present your findings with the waste audit.
      1. Establish why you conducted the audit and what you learned from it.
    2. Narrate your vision.
      1. What goals can you set for better waste management?
      2. Why do these goals need/ought to be met?
    3. Establish a plan
      1. What steps can individuals and your associates, as a collective, take to meet your goals? Outline feasible actions that can be taken to reach your goal.
      2. Identify who is involved, where your plan takes place, and how the goal will be met.
      3. Set a timeline for actions to take place and when your goal should be met.
    4. Tie the ribbon
      1. Return back to your reason for the waste audit and the emotional appeal of your vision. How will this plan improve the workplace, school, etc and who will be benefited?
      2. Leave room for questions.

    Example projects:

    • Start a “green team” at your workplace to eliminate waste/ reduce contamination
    • Improve communications on waste management with signage, meetings, art etc.
    • Improve the related place’s waste management system organization


    Be sure to incorporate the effective communication strategies we talked about in class. Establish the norm, use visual media in addition to text, use positive reinforcement, appeal to emotions, tell a story, and tailor your message to your audience always feeling safe that your audience has very limited knowledge about waste management, recycling etc.


    If you would like to use a Prezi powerpoint or other PowerPoint, please copy the link or upload a .pdf in the thread.


    Are we suppose to write our presentation on this board? Or are we suppose to present our presentation at our next class? If no one objects, my preference would to go first. That way, I will be relaxed and able to pay better attention to the other presentations knowing that I am done.


    I missed last week and didn’t have time to do an audit. But I took pictures of my office and some ideas of what I can do.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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