Hi Everyone! I’ve enjoyed reading all your introductions. I can’t wait to meet you and learn more about what y’all do. My name is Rebecca and I currently live in North Salt Lake. I’m a Utah native but I’ve lived all over the US. I am the Network Operations Manager for the Cloud division of Seagate. Years ago I was planning on going to school for sustainability, but ended up in technology. I’ve always had an interest in learning how to eliminate waste, etc., but it wasn’t until this May that I decided to make some changes. I went to the Wellness Festival in Sun Valley, Idaho and heard Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home speak. The trash for her family of 4 in 2014 fits in a quart jar! I decided that it was time to learn more, so I read her book and started making small changes at home. When I found out about this Master Recycler class I was so excited. I’m really looking forward to learning more, learning from all of you, and I’m eager to make changes in my home and hopefully in my community.