Hi – I saw something sad this morning, a regular garbage truck at the stop light, when I glanced into the back there were dozens and dozens of aluminum cans and plastic bottles among the trash – I want to continue to help educate folks about the benefits of recycling so that a sight like that is a rarity.
I work for Questar Corporation in the EHS (environmental health and safety) area as an environmental compliance coordinator. A portion of my responsibilities include recycling waste streams that the company generates, identifying all of the waste that can be recycled and educating employees about conservation, recycling and waste management. I also enjoy volunteering at the farmers markets helping to educate the public about recycling, I also volunteer frequently on the Jordan River Parkway, cleaning up trash and pulling weeds.
I’m 2014-2015 chairperson of the environmental program at Western Energy Institute (WEI), a group of industry related people that share ideas, benchmarks and practices helping the natural gas and electric industries move to green. I also chair an employee team of ~25 that act as a think tank, whose mission it is to find ways for Questar to be greener.
I’m looking forward to learning all the accurate information about recycling that I can and in turn sharing that information with others!

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon! Steve